Training Pipeline

Learning Management System that Made Simple

It really doesn't need to be difficult

Training Pipeline learning management systems

About Training Pipeline (LMS)


Deploy a learning management system for 5 or 50,000 people. Consider it done.

Easy to Manage

Convenience is built right into the system through simple workflows for course development and easy user management practices.

Innovative Features

The xAPI infrastructure gives you the ability to define creative and powerful learning experiences and track learner progress at every step. With Training Pipeline, you can deploy your own custom assessments and courses.


You can track your learners' progress easily on any part of the learning journey.

User Friendly

Through a logical user interface and tool tips throughout, you will find that user adoption is high and support tickets are minimal.

Low cost/high impact

Don't get bogged down by expensive maintenance contracts and support plans. Plans start as low as $3,000 and range based on the size of the organization. All plans include end-user support.

Training Pipeline Learning Management Features

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