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More than just a Slideshow and Participant Guide…

  • Participant Guide (Print Ready PDF)
  • Instructor Slideshow
  • Facilitator Guide with Speaking Points
  • Video-based Scenarios
  • Computer-based Training Module
  • Reinforcement Computer-based Training Module(s)
  • Webinar Ready Training Materials
  • Reinforcement Modules developed for Webinar Delivery
  • Access to Webinar Interactions App
  • Pre-formatted Announcement Emails
  • Post-course Reinforcement Emails
  • Automated Email Delivery System
  • Print Ready Course Marketing Posters
  • Print Ready Course Reinforcement Posters
  • Course Application App (iOS and Android)
  • Train-the-Trainer (Public Session)
  • Discussion Boards managed by Professional Facilitators
  • Professionally-led On-site Course Delivery
  • Professionally-led Reinforcement Webinars (Public Session)
  • Professional Coaching and Follow-up with Course Attendees
  • Learning Management System to host Computer-Based Training Modules
  • Not all options are available on all plans and some options are available as an annual subscription

Our Proven Process Produces Results


When you join the Training Pipeline, we will meet with you to discuss your needs as an organization.  The goal of this meeting is to establish a clear idea of the content needed to support your organization’s goals.


After the goals have been identified for the course, the instructional design team from Looking Forward Consulting will design a plan for meeting these goals. Our expert designers map out learning objectives, develop video scripts, design frameworks for classroom and computer-based training sessions, and more.


After review and approval of all of the deliverables from the design phase, the production team for Looking Forward Consulting springs into action and develops all of the training materials that were outlined during the design phase.  During this phase, all videos will be filmed or selected from the vast database of available Hollywood movie clips.


After all deliverables are completed, final sign-off is required before we load the training materials into the Training Pipeline.  This final stage is also where we squash any bugs within the training modules and ensure all of the deliverables are in final print status.


Upon receiving final approval, the training materials are loaded into the Training Pipeline and all members are notified of the new offering. We can brand the training materials for you and provide guidance as you begin implementation of a new training offering for your organization, based on your direction.

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